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The new perspective on efficiency & cleanliness

Lavatec Laundry Technology GmbH represents a new perspective in economy, efficiency and cleanliness. Our products, whether they be used for washing, water-extraction, drying, ironing or transportation, can provide fully automated laundry solutions. Customers from the largest commercial and industrial laundries, as well as from hotels and hospitals, depend on our product technology for the safe and economic processing of their work.

Our portfolio incorporates sorting and washing, loading and unloading, pressing and drying. In addition we can supply ironing, feeding, folding, stacking and associated machinery. Fully automatic washing, water-extraction and drying are our core business of Industrial Laundry machinery manufacturing. However, on request we can also plan, design and develop special, custom-designed, equipment or machines for specialized applications.

All Lavatec systems are monitored and controlled by computer. Low energy requirements make investing in Lavatec Laundry equipment an environmentally friendly choice. Lavatec laundry systems guarantee excellent environmental properties and low maintenance costs, at the same time they provide for the highest in-process performance, coupled with efficient and cost-effective operation.

Our success is due to our consistent product philosophy: maximum performance combined with solid construction. For our customers, we provide flexible and cost-effective equipment which is simple to operate and maintain - for many years of trouble free running. Our machines deliver the highest levels of equipment design, function and engineering.

We guarantee the performance, reliability and profitability of all our products.