CoVid-19 24h emergency hotline

Due to the current CoVid-19 Situation we decided, to establish a 24h Spareparts and Service- Hotline. The goal is to support you, in your daily work against the pandemic.

24h Sparepart / Servicehotline:

+49 (0) 7131/ 298 - 998


We set standards.

Lavatec Laundry Technology GmbH represents a new perspective in economy, efficiency and cleanliness. Our products, whether they are concerned with washing, water-extraction, drying, ironing or transportation, can provide fully automated laundry solutions. Customers, from the very largest commercial and industrial laundries, or from hotels and hospitals, depend on our product technology for their Laundry efficiency and economy.


Our success is due to our consistent product philosophy:
                      - maximum performance combined with solid construction.  

For our customers, we provide flexible and cost-effective equipment which is simple to operate and maintain, for trouble-free running. Our machines are delivered with the highest levels of equipment design, function and process engineering. We guarantee the performance, reliability and profitability of all our products.

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Lavatec Laundry Technology

The "REAL" German Lavatec Laundry Technology back on top again!