Optimised Technology: The fully automatic Continuous Tunnel Washer

Optimal wash results, for every classification and every type of soiling.

At the heart of our laundry systems lies the automatic, Continuous Tunnel Washer – CTW. The proven bottom transfer – BT - construction has established itself as the most efficient design of tunnel washer in terms of energy and utilities. The Lavatec BT design gives the optimum washing action with a huge 270° wash action, which incorporates large beaters. Transporting the work along the bottom of the drum results in low energy consumption.

With the innovative centre transfer – CT – construction, Lavatec design gives the option to wash using a continuous 360° rotation of the drum, which has proved to be very effective for some specific types of laundry. Lavatec combine the advantage of the single-drum principle with simple, robust, and reliable technology, as well as the benefits of the double drum principle, which is versatile and flexible. Lavatec have the broadest range of choice in the high volume, CTW marketplace. Both the Lavatec CT and BT designs, of the Continuous Tunnel Washer deliver washing performances which are far above the usual standard in the Laundry Industry worldwide.

The excellent reliability of Lavatec systems guarantees very little down-time coupled with high productivity. These features, together with dependable, robust and easy to maintain, technology, mean our systems are highly profitable.

Machines from 25kg to 100 kg-batch sizes and up to 20 compartments are available - for optimal results with every type of linen and for any contamination level. A high degree of flexibility is achieved through computer control, with 95 wash programs and full visualisation of the process using a variety of easy to use screens, menus and programming guides.

Corrections can also be entered during the current wash cycle. Our double drum principle means we can intervene at any time in the washing process and change parameters of each compartment individually.