Essential for the quality. Dewatering presses

Effective water extraction

Each individual component of a laundry system determines the overall performance of the process, therefore, the selection criteria for all of the machines has to be carefully coordinated. For the extraction process, this means that the dewatering press must be adjusted to the rhythm of the batch washer, each category must be processed carefully to achieve optimum moisture removal.

Our dewatering presses (25-100 kg to max. 60 bar), by virtue of their very high performance, ensure that the downstream dryers must evaporate much smaller quantities of water than usual, helping to save energy and reduce costs.

The major parts in contact with water in the Lavatec press are made of stainless steel. Through carefully controlled pressure build up it is possible to extract the maximum amount of water from every category of washing. The entire machine down to the membrane is designed for long life.

Our guiding principle also applies to our presses: maximum performance with economical operation.