The cost-effective finish. Ironers, feeders and folders.

Impressive quality finishing.

One of the last steps in a laundry - the ironing and folding - requires special care and attention because it gives a lasting impression of the laundry.

To maintain the personal touch, this part of the laundry tends to have higher staffing levels and be particularly costly. With our ironers we have succeeded in combining economic efficiency with the highest quality.

Our ironers offer an exceptional throughput with options for 800 mm or 1200 mm multi-roll designs they can be tailored to your individual requirements.

The high-performance Lavatec ironers are designed in accordance with the latest thermal and technical standards. They are, for example, insulated with high-quality thermal materials, in order to save energy and improve the working environment.

Our ironing machines work effectively with feeding and folding machines that meet our high quality standards.